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Educate: to draw out. Parker Palmer. Teaching as storytelling. Kieran Egan. Transformative learning. Jack Mezirow. Women's ways of knowing. Belenky et. al. Learning communities. Co-creation. Participatory paradigm. Action research. Emergent Process. Aesthetic Response. These are some of the buzz words that resonate for me as a teacher.

 I love to teach as much as I love to learn. These two concepts are inseparable. I (re)turn to texts and (re)discover new knowledge. I love the felt sense of books.


New knowledge excites me. I engage with students and find not only new knowledge but also new ways of knowing, ways that open possibilities for new thinking and feeling.I teach from my own and others' lived experience and from the experience we can imagine together. I teach through preparation and improv. I teach through my body, mind and soul and with the intent to engage the bodies, minds and souls of my students. I teach from a sense of desperation about the state of our planet. I teach with the sense of hope that we are able to take action and change the world. I teach because I believe, ultimately, we are capable of good.



Where I Teach:

California Institute of Integral Studies

Associate Professor

Meridian University
Core Faculty


What I Teach:

Expressive Arts / Arts-Based Research

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